On this page I will post pictures/ video of new products or items that are usefull in the hydroponics world. I will be addressing issues with products on the market and will remain open minded to brand regarding value for money and quality of products on the market. Safety is a great concern with products as working with high ampage and high heat systems. Fire precautions advice and products. If there are any concirns with products on the market or available on the internet, feel free to ask and I will do some research into the items to get truths for you the paying customer.
Mabo fire guard

mabo is an automatic fire extinguisher, which intergrates the state-of-the-art technology and a special know-how, putting the fire out unmanned, by dispersion of a glass ampoule containing chemical solution.

mabo is absolutely the most effective system that extinguishes a fire with a unique formula of the solution contained in the ampoule of only 580cc FLAMARK s patented technological breakthrough.

I love this product, efficient and great value for money. Safety from fire is paramount. smaller ones are in development for hobby growers.

At £140 this is a great piece of mind for growers and the property.


The Adjust a wing has been a great shade for growers for years, with its special coatings providing long lasting reflection, they have been a great choice when choosing an open shade. They have now developed a new range which is perticularly excting as it is a white shade.
Many people have been getting great results from the white parbolic reflectors and now the white is available on an adjustable wing shape shade.

White is the new silver! with many new tents coming out into the market with new dimond technology and special coatings to increase the reflective capbilitys of the tent. There has always been a great success rate in yeild for growers who are lucky enough to have a grow room which is painted with matte white paint, providing excellent reflective results.
White tents where boo'd off the market when a range was released, the material when put into use as a controlled environment would release a gas that would in turn, kill the crop.
With new technologys and materials we are able to come back to great results from white tents. Homebox have been producing a line of white tents, which have been great. with time they have developed the materials and moved the product on with time. The latest homebox products are of great quality and value for money. Here is a video displaying the new white lined tents and how the PAR from the light is effected:

Lumii lenses
Protect your eyes from powerfull lights with these Lumii Growroom lenses.
for £15 these will stop your sight being harmed. no more disorientation when leaving your room to natural light.

Recent News

The Sunmaster FX ballast has been discontinued, There is a sunmaster variable ballast "Hobby 600" which does inclued a 660W boost option.

These are available at £120. A 600W sunmaster duel spec lamp is £25 and a basic dutch shade at £15. £160 will get you an adjustable light kit.

For £26 get a 250W metal halide lamp to use on the above kit for propagation and grow phase.